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Discover the power of ENGAZ HR's intuitive interface, designed to simplify every aspect of workforce management. From employee data management and performance tracking to time and attendance

How it Works

More than 25+ companies HR around the world trusted Engaz HR with the employee management.


ENGAZ HR Offers Robust Features

Our employee management app is packed with features to help you manage your team with ease. Our app includes:


Simplify Your Employee Management Process

Our employee management app is designed to simplify the employee management process. Here's how it works:


Benefits of Using Our Employee Management App

Our employee management app offers a range of benefits to help you save time and increase productivity. Some of the key benefits of using our app include:

  • Track and manage employee attendance efficiently.
  • Simplify time-off management.
  • Organize schedules and handle employee inquiries.
  • Easy attendance tracking via Engaz HR App.
  • Effortlessly request vacations and advances.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

Certainly, The customer support and implementation team. They will be able to provide specific information on the options available within the Engaz HR system and how they can be tailored to your organization's requirements and needs.

The Engaz HR software system handles check-in and check-out location tracking by offering various features to ensure accurate and efficient monitoring of employee locations. such as Company Location Setup, Fixed Location Option, Employee Check-in and Check-out location visibility in the attendance Report.

Absolutely! In Enagz HR, we understand that employees may need the flexibility to check in and check out from different locations. With our request feature, administrators have the flexibility to grant employees the option to check in and check out from different locations.

The attendance module tracks employee check-ins and check-outs, overtime, late arrivals, absence days, and penalties. It integrates this data with payroll calculations.

The recruitment feature provides an internal job portal and streamlines the interview process, making it easier to manage job applications and candidate selection.

Support can be obtained through your Account manager, which includes customer service hotlines, email support, or through a ticketing system in the app.


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